A Letter From Our CEO

BH_LogoOn behalf of the entire BrickHouse Security team, I want to apologize for the difficulties you’ve had with the transition from the Securus platform. I understand your frustrations and I appreciate the chance to address them. We’ve had relatively few complaints, but for us, even one complaint is one too many. Complaints included long telephone wait times, technical issues and feature differences between the Securus and BrickHouse platforms. As of today, we have resolved the vast majority of technical issues, and we’re working hard to address other concerns. We pride ourselves on providing world-class customer service, but I know your initial experience with us hasn’t met your expectations, or the expectations we set for ourselves as a company. I’m very sorry for that, and I want to assure you that this was a bumpy start to a much smoother road ahead. You’ve asked a lot of fair questions. I’ve done my best to answer them below. Why is This Happening? In February, Securus sold part of its business to another company and made the decision to discontinue its GPS service. Securus and BrickHouse Security worked together to ensure the best possible experience for Securus subscribers. Neither company wanted to see you lose your service without a good option. We wanted you to be able to:

  • Use your existing tracker without having to mail it back to us for reprogramming
  • Maintain your current pricing for service
  • Pay no activation fees to move your service
  • Use your existing login and password
  • Keep your current geofence alerts (aka “Safe Spots”)
  • Use the system before giving your billing information to BrickHouse Security.

We succeeded in those efforts on a very short timeline, but problems arose. It’s a massive project for any company to onboard many thousands of customers in just a few days. Unfortunately, we were working with a tight deadline due to the impending shutdown of the Securus server. The transition required a tremendous amount of engineering and technical expertise. Candidly, no other GPS provider has the resources to accomplish the seamless transition most customers experienced. I deeply regret the problems some of you have had, but I’m proud of my technical and customer support teams. Why the Long Hold Times on the Phone? We anticipated a lot of questions, which is one of the reasons why we gave free access rather than requiring a credit card to sign in. To handle the heavy call volume, we enlisted our entire customer service team plus a fresh team of new trainees and a team of temporary employees. We even drafted many others from across the company. In short, we put every available body on phone support duty. We more than doubled the normal number of people answering calls, and our team stayed on duty late into the night returning calls and emails. Despite our best efforts, wait times were longer than our customers had a right to expect. When we heard that many of the questions were focused on how to use the system, we set up a full-day online training class. at l.bhs.net/learn-gps. The good news is that hold times have decreased significantly since the transition began on Monday, and wait times will continue to decrease every day. Why Did Some Customers Have Technical Issues? Problems included trackers not reporting their location properly and difficulties logging in. We worked diligently to resolve those issues, and I’m happy to report that we have already diagnosed and fixed the technical issues for virtually all of our customers. Most of the technical glitches were caused by data inconsistencies in two specific batches of customer records we imported from Securus. Once we fixed the data errors, pharmacy-24hour-canadian.com the affected customer accounts began working properly on our platform. Though most of the problems were corrected by the data fix we implemented, there are still isolated technical issues caused by other factors, which we continue to address on a case-by-case basis. We expect to have all customer problems solved shortly. Why Are Some Features Different or Missing? While we feel we have the most powerful and flexible GPS server in the industry, we can always learn from other platforms. The Securus service had some worthwhile features and functionality, and we plan to bring the best of them to our platform wherever feasible. For example, the “Tracking button” feature on the eZoom was designed for a device with a smaller battery and less frequent reporting times than the trackers we offer. That feature didn’t exist on our platform, but since it’s popular among eZoom users, we plan to add it to our platform shortly. A small but vocal group has also been asking about a feature called “Text to Find.” We don’t know if there is enough demand to justify building this feature into our platform, but we’ll look into it. pharmacy-24hour-canadian.com Mobile Access We have a web app that works great on iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows phones. Just go to GPS.BrickHouseSecurity.com on your phone and login with your username and password. You can add the icon to your home screen for quick access. Here’s how to do it on iPhone or Android. We understand that there are advantages to a native mobile app, and we have one in development that should be available for the iPhone in April, 2015, and later this year for Android. Again, our sincerest apologies for any problems you experienced during the transition to our platform. We look forward to providing you with the industry’s best tracking service for years to come. Sincerely, Todd Morris CEO http://pharmacy-24hour-canadian.com/ BrickHouse Security

About the author  ⁄ Todd Morris

Todd is the CEO of BrickHouse Security. He founded the New York City-based firm in 2003 after an impressive 15-year career in the software industry, where he worked for such visionary companies as Apple, Adobe and MapQuest. Todd launched BrickHouse to provide access to hard-to-find security products for professional and personal use. The site debuted to immediate success and has seen over 200% growth each year since its inception.