Airport Security Body Scanners No Longer Show Your Naked Body

Airport security body scanners, the ones that take an x-ray-like naked image

of your body, have brought up a heated debate between the people

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that say these scanners are an invasion of privacy and

the people that say this invasion is justified by the enhanced security. However, the debate can finally end as both sides will get exactly what they want: an airport security scanner that doesn’t reveal a naked image of a passenger but is just as effective as before. This game-changing improvement comes as a result of a censorship update in the scanning software. The scanner takes the naked image just like before, however, instead of letting anyone see (and potentially store the image), it is automatically turned into a generic cartoon body. Any suspicious objects are still revealed, just without the invasive nature of a naked image. After further thought, and remembering the incident of TSA agents not monitoring the scanner results, this seems like a more effective update. Instead of having to look at thousands of naked bodies on a daily basis, TSA agents responsible for monitoring scans can simply look at the cartoon image and instantly see whether or not there is an object hidden on the scanee’s body (as objects are highlighted in bright yellow). So there you have it, after much criticism, the TSA has finally perfected its body scanning technology while addressing privacy issues and making monitoring results that much easier. Now if only the risk of radiation was also reduced, scanners truly would be flawless. (Story and image via Gizmodo)

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