TSA Worker Caught Sleeping on the Job at LaGuardia

After the recent incident at Newark Airport when a man managed to slip past airport security, this latest incident at LaGuardia airport certainly doesn’t help improve the public’s perception of the TSAA Brooklyn man by the name of Bucky Turco was heading to his departure gate, when he spotted a security worker sleeping on the job. This of course shocked him, since during a time of high terrorist threats in airports you would expect security workers to actively be trying to catch terrorists, not some Z’s.
“I’ve never seen a Department of Homeland Security official sleeping inside an airport… In light of their recent follies, it just seemed that a federal agency beleaguered by bad news of late should probably worry about their image a little more… To be fair, she could have been on a break. But you don’t go to a precinct and see a police officer sleeping at their desk” said Bucky Turco, founder and editor-in-chief of the counter-culture magazine Animal.
Turco took a quick picture of the worker and later posted it on his website. As some time went on, the link to the picture made it back to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials. The TSA has put the employee on desk duty while the agency investigates the case. Ann Davis, an TSA agency spokesperson said:

“We recognize that our officers have very demanding jobs that require constant vigilance and hours on their feet… But nonetheless, it was completely inappropriate for her to rest in a public area while on her break as opposed to a nearby break room.”

This isn’t the first time that the TSA slipped up and gave its agency a bad name. Earlier this month, a TSA guard at Newark Airport left his post, allowing a romantic grad student to breach security for a final kiss with his girlfriend, which later caused a huge security breach and investigation. And just two weeks later, on Jan. 17, a Haitian evacuee slipped through a door leading to a restricted area at Kennedy Airport, sparking another security scare. TSA critics say the latest incidents is minor compared with other mess-ups, but revealing nonetheless.

(Via NYDailyNews)

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