Amanda's Bill GPS Tracking Law Nears Vote in Kentucky

amandasbill1Kentucky lawmakers are facing a difficult decision in the case of whether or not to allow GPS trackers to monitor those convicted of domestic violence to keep them away from their victims. At least a dozen states are currently using the technology to make sure that violent offenders are no where near their victims, yet Kentucky has thus far held out.

Diana Ross, mother of Amanda Ross, a victim of domestic violence who lost her life around four months ago to the hand of her ex-boyfriend, Steve Nunn. Ross states that the law “would have saved my daughter’s life if it would have been in place.”

“She would not have stepped out her door that morning if she had had a GPS tracking device on her perpetrator,” Diana Ross said today on “Good Morning America.”

Even under an order of protection by a Kentucky judge, Amanda Ross was not safe from her attacker.

Amanda’s family is pushing for “Amanda’s bill,” a law that would require those served with orders of protection to wear a GPS tracking device so police and potential or past victims could keep tabs on their whereabouts to make sure they themselves stay out of harm’s way.

Currently, there are only 12 states utilizing this technology to keep tabs on domestic violence offenders.


(Via ABC News)

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