Vote on Amanda's Bill for GPS Tracking Criminals Draws Nearer

offenders-gpsAmanda’s Bill,” a proposed law that would require repeat domestic violence offenders to wear GPS devices to be tracked by police and the victim, will finally be voted on later this week. Even though domestic abuse offenders know that they are not allowed to go near their victims, sometimes that is not enough to stop another attack.

Executive Director of the “Barren River Area Safe Space” Lee Alcott acknowledged that the problem is intense.  “Our numbers have increased drastically in the last year. Our crisis line continues to ring constantly,” she commented.

One victim of domestic abuse, referred to as “Lisa,” was almost killed by her ex-husband. Despite the fact that they have been divorced for 13 years now, she is still aware that he could be lurking close by. “I went to my parent’s grave once thinking it was safe and found out later that he was watching me. I had no idea. There was no other vehicle in the cemetery, but he was watching me and told somebody what I was wearing,” she depicted.

“Lisa” expressed how “Amanda’s Bill” would ultimately save lives and help victims return to a normal way of living. “If there was a monitor on him, then I would still be afraid but at least I’d have some warning,” explained the 58-year-old.

Amanda Ross, the victim whom the bill would be named after, was killed by her ex-boyfriend in a domestic violence dispute. “Lisa” speculated how Ross’s life would have turned out if her abuser had been required to wear a GPS device. “If Amanda had’ve had this with her domestic violence order, she might be alive today… but she’s not,” commented “Lisa.”

(Via WBKO)

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