An Unlikely Paparazzo—Amish Shopkeeper Catches Thief on Camera

creeperGood luck trying to get a picture with an Amish person the next time you go to Pennsylvania–it’s against their religion. But when a certain thief kept breaking Commandment number eight, thou shall not steal, local Amish businessman John Petersheim installed a camera to catch the crook in the act. No one ever said or chiseled into a tablet that taking pictures of others was wrong, especially when trying to forge a safer community.

The thief in the Georgetown area of Pennsylvania had been targeting stores run by the Amish, most likely under the pretense that these particular stores would not have taken such stringent security measures. Four businesses have been robbed since October continuing up until January, with one store hit a total of 6 times.

This led businessmen like Petersheim to hide a secret camera among the horse harnesses in his store, and for another shop owner to hide an infrared camera under a glove.

In each robbery, the thief would search through drawers looking for money.

“(The thief) might think it’s an easy mark to go back to, but that’s not the case anymore,” said Lt. Tracy Brown.

The thief has yet to be caught, but with the Amish on the lookout and equipped with security cameras, it’s only a matter of time.

(Via WGAL)

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