Michael David Barrett Revealed as Erin Andrews' Stalker


Erin Andrews

It has finally been revealed that the original Erin Andrews‘ peephole video was not an inside job. The F.B.I. has discovered that a man named Michael David Barrett was responsible for the notorious video. He was arrested for taking the video and selling it online. Barrett also goes by the name “Mark Barrett” and used the email address “handsforyou@yahoo.com.” The person who officially filed the complaint on behalf of Erin Andrews was F.B.I. Special Agent Tanith Rogers.

Barrett was caught trying to spy on Erin Andrews, yet again. Last year he checked into the Radisson Airport Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he stayed in a room next to Erin Andrews and made a special peephole in the wall in order to be able to spy on Andrews. Again, he checked into the Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University. This time however he was caught in the act. Barret entered the hotel and specifically asked for a room next to Andrews and he then created a small peephole that could be used by cell phone cameras or digital cameras.

Barrett is undergoing charges for his stalking behavior and should be in custody soon. Needless to say, Erin Andrews can finally relax knowing that the man who has caused her so much embarrassment is finally being brought to justice.

(Via San Fransisco Chronicle)

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  • Scott

    wow…can’t believe this guy tried to go back for round 2…

  • Scott

    wow…can't believe this guy tried to go back for round 2…