Android App Runs Up Texting Bill

The employment of smartphone malware has been on the rise as our internet use has become more and more mobile-based. The latest app that was found to be loaded with malware

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is called Steamy Window; but instead of slowing down your phone or trying to steal your passwords, as we’ve seen in the past, this one also runs up your texting bill, leaving you with hundreds if not thousands of dollars in fees.

This malware came about when Chinese hackers targeted an app from the Android market, and simply inserted some trojan horse code into it that had the ability to turn any smartphone into a zombie. From that point the infected app was released into the wild where it quickly spread around third party app websites that offered it for free.

And once installed by a user happy to find a free version of that specific app, it soon started sending out text messages to premium numbers that charged a high fee per message. But not only did it send texts, it also kept the texts hidden from the user, and can even blocked the phone’s service provider from warning the user that they exceeded their text usage.

The end result is the victim’s bill coming at the end of the month loaded with excessive, inexplicable texting fees. If the app is not found and deleted, it will continue to send these premium texts until the user either erases everything from the phone or stops using it altogether.

To make sure you stay clear from these malware apps, make sure to only download your apps from trusted sources, such as the official Android market, and to also install an anti-virus app on your smartphone. In the case that your phone is running slowly or seems to be doing something when not in use, run an anti-virus scan or try uninstalling the latest apps that you’ve downloaded

(Via Info World) / (Image by anothersaab, licensed under Creative Commons)

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