Hackers Use Apps to Phish Banking Data from Android Smartphone Users

andorid2There has been lots of talk about the dangers of Jailbroken iPhones, and now it seems that SmartPhone dangers are extending into the world of Android smartphones too. Sophos is reporting that a rogue application is busy stealing users banking information.

According to First Tech Credit Union, there are several applications posing as a shell for mobile banking applications which have the real purpose of phishing personal information about a user’s bank account. The assumption is that this information is going to be used for identity theft. First Tech Credit Union also wants to point out to customers that at this time they do not offer an app for Android devices.
Fortunately, the malicious banking software has already been removed from the Android Marketplace. But according to Sophos, because the Android marketplace isn’t monitored as closely as the iPhone’s AppStore, the Android platform is becoming more and more appealing to cybercriminals. The message here is that regardless of what smartphone platform you are using, be careful before putting confidential information into a banking application. Research the app online and make sure to verify that it is 100% legitimate and recognized by your banking institution before you use it.

(via Sophos)

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