Android Users Beware: Bootleg Apps Known to Infect

Most Android users know that there are other means of downloading apps besides going into the app store. Some users scour the Internet for bootleg apps just to avoid paying for them in the app store.  However, this can be risky business since many of the apps found online may be infected with viruses harmful to your phone.

More and more, it seems that users looking for free alternatives have been infected with Trojans and gotten much more than they bargained for. One virus being spread via bootleg pornographic media player, infects users with a Trojan that forces a phone to send a series of $6 text messages. The app keeps sending these messages until the the account runs out of credit or the user gets a huge bill and eventually realizes that their phone is infected.

“Automatically permitting a new application to access every service it requests means you could end up with malicious or unwanted applications doing all sorts of things without requesting any additional confirmation,” wrote Denis Maslennikov, a security expert at Kaspersky Lab.

The Trojan-SMS category is currently the most widespread class of malware for mobile phones, according to Kaspersky Lab. They warn that users should be careful as to what kind of access they grant to applications. As most apps that people download ask for access to multiple kinds of services, Android users should be very careful of which apps they choose to install.

(Via Computer Weekly)

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