GPS Tracking Bracelets Track Sex Offenders in California

gps-ankle-braceletStricter monitoring requirements have been placed on sex offenders in California, mainly in response to the failure to catch Phillip Garrido after several chances in the Jacey Dugard case. As of Friday, sex offenders in California must be tracked by parole agents via GPS-linked ankle bracelets, as well as be checked in by parole agents twice a month instead of the previous once a month rule.

Even those who are deemed unlikely to re-offend will be subject to tougher rules; officials are working on decreasing the offender to agent ratio so they can be more closely monitored.

“We basically have higher level tracking not only on high-risk sex offenders but even on low-risk sex offenders,” said Gordon Hinkle, spokesman for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. “[These are] basically areas that we felt needed improvement.”

GPS technology is once again being used to protect victims by allowing parole agents to know their exact locations at all times. If agents notice that the offenders are in a location they are not supposed to be, police can be alerted and lives will probably be saved because of this policy change.

(Via The LA Times)

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  • don't wear shorts if you are a sex offender. 🙂