Are You Paying The Cost Of Industrial Spying?

US security experts report that industrial espionage costs businesses over $200 billion per year. Trade secrets are sold from a worker on the inside of the company to competitors for personal gains. It happens a lot more than one would think and the costs are insurmountable.

Spying on companies doesn’t even need to be from an inside employee. A company in London called Target Eye used trojan viruses to infiltrate computers and steal secrets. The perpetrators hoped to sell the software to global and security services, but when they didn’t get a favorable response, they used it to spy on communications and finance companies around the globe.

This particular trojan was sent via CDs that sent out the virus when played on the computer; however, many trojans are being sent through emails, both from outside and inside the company walls.

Computer security has never been more vital in this economic climate where businesses can’t afford to lose any information to competition. Many companies are taking steps to prevent this by installing computer surveillance software. Viewing online activities not only keeps up productivity, but keeps your company safe. Another useful option would be a keylogger to be aware of any suspect emails or documents.

Let’s not forget that files from your own computer can be physically lifted. Imagine the damage that could be inflicted just by stealing a laptop. Prevent this by installing a computer GPS Tracker, which will send an alert and locate both the computer and the perpetrator.

Video cameras also help to deter any criminal activity before it is too late. If someone is lifting “sensitive documents” a well-placed, high resolution cameras will pick it up quickly and clearly.

It may be difficult to spot those that are out for personal gains and one may not want to send a message of not trusting their employees. However, one bad apple spoils the bunch and preventing companies from failing is good for everyone’s job. A strongly secure company can handle anything and weather any storm.

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