Getting Arrested 101: What Not to Do as a Criminal

Criminals seem to be getting sloppier and sloppier every day. In the past, police would have to conduct in-depth investigations after home break-ins, and usually still had trouble locating the right criminal to get items returned. But now, it seems that the criminals are not only getting sloppy, but are actively working against themselves in the hopes of getting arrested. This post is about one such criminal that was not only careless, but was the prime witness and provider of evidence against himself. Rodney Knight Jr., 19, broke into a man’s home where he stole two laptops, a winter coat, about $400 in cash, and some other items. Now if Knight had only stopped there he would have most likely been fine. Instead, he decided to showcase his newly acquired merchandise on Facebook. And to take it even a step further, Mr. Knight presented these items by taking a photo of himself with the stolen goods, and posting it on the victim’s Facebook page. Smart, real smart… As you can imagine, it wasn’t too long before Knight was found by the police and promptly arrested. However, besides just the burglary charges, which netted him 27 months in prison, Knight had a gun during the arrest,

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which gave him another 17 months behind bars. Moral of the story: don’t break into people’s homes to steal, and if you can’t help yourself, don’t give your victims all the evidence they need to identify you and get you arrested. (Via CBS News) (Image via Facebook)

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