Artificial Intelligence Surveillance Systems Aim to Replace Security Guards

camera-screensNowadays, surveillance cameras are everywhere. With all the recorded footage, very little of it is actually watched and reviewed. Most of the time no one checks the video footage until there is a significant event such as a break in or home invasion. Usually  the only constant monitoring is by a security guard watching an entire property, looking for anything suspicious.  That being said, most of the time these security guards will miss the details. 

With a new technology from BRS Labs, you’ll now be able to catch criminals in the act, in real-time without even having a real person monitoring the security cameras. The technology is called AISight (pronounced eye sight), and what it does is automatically monitor hundreds of cameras simultaneously using computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The system learns what behaviors are typical of a certain place, and which are atypical to generate real-time alerts when it identifies the atypical behavior. Alerts are sent in the form of e-mail or main frame security alerts. A more cost efficient and effective choice than hiring a security guard to monitor a property, this technology never needs a break, runs 24/7, and can monitor all the cameras all at once.

John Frazzini, President of Houston-based Behavioral Recognition Systems, Inc. (BRS Labs), and a former Secret Service agent spoke to Reuters about the success of the system so far:

“We have been working with high-level security customers in the U.S. and around the world to put a new approach to work-behavioral analytics. Ten days after the terrorist attacks in Mumbai last Thanksgiving, a major international hotel installed BRS Labs` software, AISight, which was designed to autonomously monitor hundreds of cameras simultaneously, and to provide real-time actionable intelligence. In just a few days the hotel`s security staff was able to improve the safety of the hotel`s perimeter. We are also deployed in several high-security U.S. locations including seaports, power plants, nuclear plants, and global financial institutions.”

This technology is already being used in a few sample businesses and should soon be adopted by more businesses thanks to its testing success.

(Via Reuters)

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