ASIS International 2016: Our Takeaways and Impressions

BrickHouse Security at ASIS 2016Last week BrickHouse Security had the pleasure of attending the ASIS International 2016 Seminar, an event dedicated to gathering security professionals from 109 countries for a schedule full of educational programs and meetups all focused on making them more effective and productive in their jobs.

Attending ASIS always guarantees that we come home with a lot of information about the security industry, and this year was no exception. Below are three revelations in particular that we found especially valuable and wanted to share.

Loss Prevention is Still a Key Issue

Attending the ASIS conference is a great reminder that loss prevention is and will continue to be a key issue in the business community. No matter what industry your business is in, there are likely security breaches taking place. We heard examples of companies needing to protect certain blind spots in their stores because employees may know where there are gaps in the security system. We also heard of employers needing to keep an eye on safes in an office area that multiple people have access to. Luckily, we have a number security and surveillance products ideal for these situations.

There’s a Growing Interest in Counter Surveillance Products

Although we’ve heard many times in the past that counter surveillance products are of interest for organizations, we were reassured of this many times through conversations we had during the course of the conference. Attendees were interested in our counter surveillance products as a way to sweep boardrooms and other important locations to ensure that privacy is kept and no unapproved devices were on the premises. We were pleased to share with them that we have the tools available, whether it be for loss prevention managers in corporate environments or professionals in government organizations and law enforcement agencies.

Learning From Continued Advancements in Technology

It’s always interesting to go to an event and see the latest in security and surveillance and discover what other organizations are introducing. One of the coolest products at the event was the KnightScope security robots from Allied Universal. It was fascinating to see these autonomous security robots moving around the event floor patrolling the area. These robots provide real-time video and audio surveillance as a way to support security services for an organization.

At BrickHouse Security, we were also excited to share our own newest arrivals including the Eon 2.0 GPS tracker and the Camscura WiFi covert camera. The Eon 2.0 GPS tracker is a completely self-contained unit, featuring a GPS tracker, 100-day battery and magnetic mounts all built into a durable, weather-proof case.

The Camscura WiFi is the latest in the Camscura family of covert cameras. You can easily connect this hidden camera to your WiFi network and stream live HD video to your smartphone or tablet to better protect your business from anywhere.

Our latest offering, loss prevention kits, group together the Eon 2.0 GPS tracker, Camscura WiFi covert camera, and other Camscura covert cameras into a rugged, sleek OtterBox case for easy portability. Our loss prevention hidden camera kits are perfect for gathering evidence to cut down on shoplifting, employee theft and organized retail crime by covering the blind spots in your existing surveillance system.

We look forward to seeing you at the next ASIS International Conference in Dallas next year and sharing our insights with you after!

About the author  ⁄ Lavon Simpson

Lavon Simpson is BrickHouse's B2B Marketing Manager, based in Indianapolis, Indiana. She attended Butler University where she studied International Management. Outside of work, Lavon has volunteered with the Indianapolis American Marketing Association for five years and is currently serving as the secretary on the board. In her free time, she enjoys reading mystery and thriller books, watching the Food Network and doing puzzles.