Security Conference Reveals Weakness in ATM Security

061130_atm_hmed_12p.jpgWe’ve all heard about the problems with ATM skimming. This year, at the Black Hat Las Vegas conference on July 28 and 29, security researcher Barnaby Jack will give the presentation on “Jackpotting Automated Teller Machines,” detailing a new multi-platform ATM rootkit. He will speak about how ATMs can be compromised network-based and remotely. The talk is not supposed to give hackers ideas of what they can do and get away with; rather the ATM industry will learn how to protect itself and prevent hackers from committing these acts in the future.

Jack will not focus on the activities that criminals already do with ATMs, such as placing card skimmers and hidden cameras to obtain personal data. His discussion will deal with a new threat-bugs in the software that control the ATMs. The types of ATMs to be featured has yet to be disclosed to the public, but they could belong to any big name vendor. “He’s got a living room full of a lot of different brands of ATMs, and they all seem to suffer from one or the other problem,” Black Hat director Jeff Moss commented.

The information to be included in the presentation will surely be of immense use to ATM companies. After they understand the vulnerabilities of their systems, they can take measures to stop and prevent any possible hackers from stealing money or personal information. There are steps everyone can take to keep their private information safe. If you ever see suspicious activity at an ATM, report it to the officials.

(Via Bloomberg Business Week)

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