ATM Skimmers Scare Virginia Beach Locals

suspectsIn Virginia Beach authorities are investigating an ATM scam that has stolen the financial information of more than 25 people. The secret service, Virginia beach police, network news, and Richmond have all come together in order to stop these attacks from happening. The thieves, a man and woman, were seen on a bank security system placing a magnetic scanning device that would scan the information of any card used at the machine.

There has been at least one victim who has come forth and complained of receiving fraudulent charges. Officials have located an ATM skimming device at a Virginia Beach Wachovia Bank. According to Virginia beach officer Jim Barnes,  the police have discovered other skimming devices but were reluctant to reveal the number of devices found.

Police advise all customers to pay special attention to the card reader when making a transaction. They suggest that brushing your hands along the card reader can usually help determine if it is a skimmer or not. If the reader is loose there is a possibility that it is a skimmer. In this scenario police warn not to use the ATM machine and to notify the police and the banking agency immediately.

So far two suspects have been determined, one is a Caucasian female in her 20’s the other a Caucasian male in his 20’s to early 30’s. Both were captured on tape installing a skimmer to an ATM in Richmond. With the crime of identity theft becoming ever more popular it is important to take necessary precautions. ATM users need to use a scrutinizing eye before taking out cash from an ATM. If the ATM looks suspicious, move on to the next one.


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  • atm

    Is that an image of the suspects?

  • atm

    Is that an image of the suspects?

  • Bank skimming is getting big everywhere. It is really scary.

  • EEK! I didn’t know we had any of this going on in this area. Thanks for the info. I am definitely going to be on the lookout. Going to look skimmers up and see what they might look like.