Despite Attacks, High Tech Security Suveillance Still Ongoing in Afghanistan

kabul460_1462983cIn Afghanistan protective measures are being put into place in order to ensure a safe democratic process for the upcoming presidential elections.  In the town of Kabul alone, there are 46 sensor cameras as well as a high tech security balloon. This balloon floats above the city with high tech cameras attached keeping it under 24 hour surveillance. There are several checkpoints along the town to ensure the safety of the local townspeople as well.

This is all being done in order to foster a safe voting environment for the Afghan people. However local militants are determined to disrupt this process in any way they can. Two days after the new high security balloon was put up a suicide bomber was able to infiltrate one of the highest security points in Kabul with a car filled with explosives. The suicide attack killed seven and left at least 90 wounded. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the attack and warned locals to stay away from voting poles.

Despite these warnings, analysts like Mr. Daiyar say,”The blast is aimed at warning Afghans before elections, but we are habitual of such attacks. Life with such attacks is normal for ordinary Afghans. There may be a single or two incidents of small scale, but it won’t affect the entire process.” Daiyar is certain that they are taking all necessary security measures and is sure that the upcoming will run it’s course.

But regardless of the fact that the cameras used inside of the security balloon didn’t help prevent these recent attacks, including the attack that happened today, the balloon is still a deterrent that could potentially prevent future attacks. In a country with so much political turmoil and upheaval, any possible preventative measure needs to be used – even if it manages to deter only a single attack from happening.

(Via China News)

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