Augmented Reality GPS Navigation is Closer Than You Think

The current state of GPS navigation technology comes with a risk for drivers, as it requires them to take their eyes of the road and focus on the navigation screen for directions. Also, even though navigation systems usually announce when a turn is coming up, it is not as effective as someone or something showing you exactly where to go. This is where augmented reality GPS navigation comes in. Instead of displaying directions on a separate device that requires drivers to take their eyes of the road, this new form of navigation displays driving directions directly on your windshield as your drive, without blocking your view of the road. The display uses qual é melhor cialis viagra ou levitra a 3D line showing you exactly where you’ll have to turn or viagra drive as if the viagra24onlinepharmacy line was really there. It is also displayed using 3D depth, so that it looks real and gets smaller in the distance to better help you tell how far away a turn is. Aside from just the basic line used for navigation, this system would also display point of interest markers and virtual road signs to ensure that drivers know exactly what is around them, giving them all of the information they levitra side effects heartburn need to drug cialis drive safely. This augmented reality GPS navigation isn’t available just yet,

however, Making Virtual Solid, a California-based company has already created a working prototype and are looking into how to bring it to the market. Personally, I look forward to when this technology viagra24onlinepharmacy is available, or better yet, comes standard in all the new cars. (Story & image via Gizmodo)

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