Augmented Reality Navigation the Next Step in GPS Technology

GPS navigation is extremely useful, and in this day and age almost everyone relies on it in some form or another, sometimes on a daily basis. However, the old GPS navigation systems would simply give you direction like: “turn left in 50 feet,” or something to that effect; which makes it pretty easy to miss your turn or stop at the right house when you’re driving. The next generation of GPS navigation is much more sophisticated than that, and actually takes into consideration the real world that the driver sees.

What we’re talking about here is the Route 66 Maps + Navigation app for Android smartphones and tablets. The way this new app works, is that unlike the old navigation systems that only use the GPS signal for directions, this app also uses the phone or tablet’s built-in camera to see what the driver sees and display the direction in the form of augmented reality. And to make it even cooler, the app also has a feature called “Follow Me,” which places a digital car on the augmented reality screen that you would follow to get to your final destination.

When compared to the first geneneration of GPS navigation systems, this is a huge improvement and will make getting around much easier; not to mention this will help cut down on people blindly following bad directions from an outdated navigation system which causes drivers to get lost.

(Story and image via Engadget)

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