Augmented Reality: The Next Generation of Technology

augWith researchers experimenting and improving augmented reality technology, it seems like all the virtual reality 3D stuff you used to watch in SciFi movies is now finally starting to become a reality.Augmented reality combines the real world with technology by adding a layer of computer generated imagery over what you see in your surrounding environment. For example, perhaps you’re looking at a restaurant. With augmented reality, you may be looking at the restaurant through a lens that lets you read reviews, book a reservation, or call them in real-time.  Quite possibly the next cutting edge technology that will be as common as the Internet in the next 10-15 years.

Check out the videos above to understand exactly what it is and imagine what else it can be used for. The first video shows you how BMW uses augmented reality (AR) to repair their cars.The  second video shows how AR can be used for trying out new hair styles. And the third shows a trading card that uses AR to make the character in the card “come alive”. This can also be used by law enforcement, government agencies, and individuals for a multitude of security measures such as locating the nearest police station, or enhancing online search.



(Via YouTube)

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