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Lockheed Martin is about to start ground-testing the next generation of GPS Satellites. When the new birds launch in a couple of years, they’re likely to bring much joy to millions of users who’ve become increasingly dependent on their GPS tracking devices and vehicle navigation systems.  The $5.5 billion project is poised to upgrade every aspect of the Global Positioning System, promising improved accuracy, reliability and resistance to signal-jamming.

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Columbia University researchers have recently found

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a security exploit that can not only leave your personal information open for hackers to steal, but can also end up blowing up your printer and setting your house on fire. No, we’re not kidding. The researchers have found that certain internet-connected HP LaserJet printers (but could potentially be any model of internet-connected printers) are vulnerable to a malware attack that would give total control of your printer to a hacker from anywhere in the world.

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When you think about hackers and malware, what normally comes to mind is probably the Windows operating system and all of the malware attacks that are targeted at it. However, this is at no fault of the Windows operating system itself, but instead is due to the popularity of the system and the value that a hacker gains by creating an effective hack against it. Apple users, for the most part, have been malware-free because of their low value to hackers.

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