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Another Reason to Backup Your Data: You Might Cure Cancer

When our computers are lost or stolen we usually feel like our world’s falling apart, especially if we didn’t backup our data. All the work we did on that computer, the photos we took, the memories we saved, are gone forever. But for Sook Shin, a cancer researcher at Oklahoma University, it’s not only memories that are gone, but it also might have been a cure for cancer.

Sook Shin and her husband Ralf Jankecht, both leading cancer researchers at the university, were close to finding a cure for prostate cancer. They were on their way back to the lab when they made a quick stop in Oklahoma City. When they returned to the car the couple found that someone had smashed the window and stolen their white MacBook that contained years of cancer research—research that wasn’t backed up and might take years to replicate.

The couple is devastated with the loss, and is putting up fliers at local pawn shops with a $1,000 reward for the laptop, along with the data stored on it. Hopefully the thief comes across the flier and returns the laptop for the reward. Or, at the very least, backs up the data and returns it to the researchers just like the world’s most ethical thief did in Sweden.

As for the people who still have their laptops and don’t back them up on a regular basis: now would be a good time to start… before it’s too late.

(Via CNET) / (Image by Tyger_lyllie, licensed under Creative Commons)

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  • Stella

    Being a Cancer Researcher does not exclude being dumb

  • Stella

    Being a Cancer Researcher does not exclude being dumb

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