If Only All Bank Robberies Were this Simple to Avoid

Bank robberies can be violent and terrifying affairs. Usually, there are protocols that a robber will uphold; either arms will be brandished and tellers threatened (sometimes involving hostages being taken), or a simple note will be given to the teller: something along the lines of “Giving Me Money=Not Getting Shot.” Timing, however, is everything. In a recent Rhode Island robbery, a bank heist was stifled by an unlikely hero: the clock.

When a bank robber came up to the teller and passed a note that said, “This is a robbery,” the teller answered with a comeback of his own: the bank was closing. He then put down the security curtain and closed the security screen door, leaving the robber with no other option than to walk away empty handed.

Maybe the next time the robber attempts a stick up, he will actually make it during business hours. Until then, the police will continue to search for the failed criminal.

(Via CBS News) / (Image by joeannenah, licensed under Creative Common)

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