Bank Robbery Fail: Crook Shows Face After Being Told to Take Off Hood

Hesitation, or better yet, indecision is one of the biggest causes of failure in life. For example, when you set your mind to doing something, you should go for it with everything you’ve got and not turn back or stop part-way through. Apparently the man you’re about to read about falls victim to this costly habit as well. Except his indecision wasn’t about going for a big goal or challenging task, but it was deciding to do a half-hearted job of a bank robbery or just being indecisive about whether he should commit the crime or not.

When robbing a bank, I would imagine that if you’re fully committed to it, you’re going in there knowing exactly what you’re doing and how you want the situation to unfold. However, in the case of an Ohio bank robber, it was more of the situation telling him what to do, which is what ended up making this a failure of a robbery.

The “robbery” started off with the man walking into a bank wearing a hooded sweatshirt covering his face with the intention of sticking up the teller and fleeing with the cash. When he entered the bank, however, he was quickly told to take off the hood as they had a “no hat & no hood” policy, to which he complied.

Now normally, this is the part where a regular crook would either decide he needs to go back to the drawing board or take over with force, leaving the hood on. This man decided to go ahead with his plan of robbing the teller, while also complying with the demand of another employee to show his face.

Let’s just say that this wasn’t the smartest move the robber could have made, as now not only did the teller and the employees get to see his face, but the surveillance cameras also got a clear shot of him and the FBI is pretty sure they know the identity of this indecisive bank robber. Let this be a life lesson to all of our readers, who will hopefully take this advice for more positive purposes; if you decide to do something, do it completely and don’t hesitate or do it half-heartedly.

(Via CBS News) / (Image by pasukaru76 licensed under Creative Commons)

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