Insurance Giant Leaves Its Customer’s Information Open to Attack

For one of the biggest insurance providers in the nation, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield has some amateurish security on its website.  The site was recently was hacked and about 200,000 customer’s personal information was stolen including names, social security numbers, and credit card information.

The most shocking part? It wasn’t a computer whiz or a highly trained hacker that initiated the attack, but instead an attorney that was suing the company. The attorney decided to hack the website after a customer in California filed the lawsuit against Blue Cross Blue Shield, stating that the company’s security was too lax. The point of the hack wasn’t to gather sensitive financial and personal data, but rather to expose the problems with Blue Cross Blue Shield’s security and hopefully prompt a change.

“He’s just an attorney he’s not a computer hacker… So I mean somebody with more skill than he’s got could do it easily,” said Mrs. Byrd, wife of Robert Byrd, one of the victims.

After finding out that the database was so easily hacked by an amateur, the company offered the victims of the hack a year’s worth of free credit monitoring, but many customers still don’t feel safe since their information will continue to be at risk until the company makes serious adjustments to their security policies. Blue Cross Blue Shield claims that they are making the necessary changes, but only time will tell for sure.

(Via Wave3 and DuckNetWeb)

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