Terrorists’ New Books Are the Bomb

Terrorists are always on the lookout for new ways to cause chaos and create discreet weapons. Bombs have been hidden in shoes, underwear, printer cartridges, and even up their butts. Bottom line, terrorists usually show preference for explosives as their weapons of choice. This time is no different—just the destructive delivery system.

Jemaah Islamiyah, or J.I., an Indonesian jihadist group linked to al-Qaeda, has decided that their next bomb housing would be a book. And the plan almost worked out when the group mailed their book bombs to a liberal Islamic activist, a youth group leader, and a former member of Indonesia’s counter-terrorism police. This reign of terror was almost successful, except for a few key mistakes that the terrorists made:

The first mistake was obvious—wires sticking out of the book. I’m not sure what kind of books terrorists typically read, but usually the books most people come in contact with don’t contain wires or cellphones inside of them (or, if there is something mysterious, it could be a book hidden camera). The second mistake, while not as obvious as the first, still aroused suspicion. This mistake was choosing the titles of books to be something that hinted at what the book bombs were designed for, such as one book titled They Must be Killed for their Sins Against Islam and Muslims. Once again, not really a book that you would expect to see on the best-seller list or gifted from friend to friend—unless you have really terrible friends.

Luckily for all that were involved, the book bombs didn’t accomplish their goal of mass destruction, and instead were located by authorities and disarmed by specialists. However, as for our readers and everyone else, be very careful when receiving any packages that you didn’t order or expect; especially when they come from out of the country or arouse suspicion in any way.

(Via Wired) / (Image by Renata Avila, licensed under Creative Commons)

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