Bra Hidden Camera Ad Exposes Breast Cancer Awareness Message

bra-hidden-cameraIf you’ve noticed a disproportionate amount of pink lately, it’s because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And, in the spirit of awareness, Nestlé FITNESS has launched a clever viral campaign using a hidden camera that reveals how aware many among us are of breasts, for better or worse.

In the ad actress Eloise Oliver takes to the streets of London with a button camera affixed to a pink bra with a low-cut top over it. What ensues is about what you’d imagine: strangers of all shapes, sizes, sexes and species (a dog is caught sneaking a peek) are tallied (37 total) looking at the brave woman’s chest.

At first glance, this ad might come across as another in a long series of ads shining a light on the objectification of women; and it certainly works to tell that story. But the twist at the ad’s 1-minute mark reveals the true nature of the message.

“Your breasts are checked out every day,” text on the screen reads. “So, when was the last time you checked your own?”

The ad is part of the #CheckYourSelfie campaign from breast cancer awareness foundation Keep A Breast Europe; its aim is to get women to perform monthly self examinations in order to detect the earliest stages of cancer. There’s even an app associated with the campaign to walk women and men alike through the exams.

While many in the comments appear to have missed the point of the video (interpreting it from the anti-objectification point of view), its nearly 6 million views in less than two weeks certainly achieves the objective of awareness.

Watch the video below:

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