Bradford Rugby League Uses GPS to Track Player's Performance

bradford-bulls-001The Bradford Bulls rugby team in the U.K. is now resorting to GPS tracking technology to help amp up their game. The Bulls had their worst season ever last year since 1998. As a result, their coach Steve McNamara turned to using a GPS monitoring system that would allow Bradford to have access to more detail information about the players’ performance during training and matches.

The GPS tracking device is placed in a harness that is incorporated in a vest which is link dot a monitoring patch on each player’s back. Besides tracking a player’s movement and speed around the field, the system also monitors players’ heart-rates.

“We used the system with the England squad during the Four Nations series last year and it’s absolutely amazing what you can do with it,” said McNamara. “It’s a live system so you can see during games how much players are doing and how they are coping. For the moment we’re delighted at Bradford that we’ve got access to the equipment, but for the good of the national team I think we should have it at every Super League club.”

(Via the Guardian)

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