Breath-Detecting Robots Could Be Used to Rescue

Combat robotics have advanced dramatically in the past few years. Flying drones with thermal-sensing capabilities have been the apex thus far; but now it seems a new brand of breath-detecting bots could be the next wave in mechanized militants.

The Eagle5-N, introduced last year by California-based TiaLinx, is a wide-bandwidth, low-power radar system that can be used to detect breathing noises and heartbeats, even through walls. By sensing heartbeats, the radar can also extrapolate stress levels. With U.S. Army funding, this technology was then fitted to the Cougar10-L, a radio-controlled robot, making it a perfect life-detecting tool.

While there hasn’t been much sense made of military combat applications for this technology (it’s a bit inconvenient and dangerous to have the robot making actual physical contact with walls in order to sense signs of life), the Eagle-5N seems like a perfect choice for rescue missions. There has also been some thought to utilizing this technology to expose smuggling routes on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Reports that the robot’s breath-detection skills are stronger if you’ve eaten garlic, however, are unfounded.

(Story and Image via Wired)


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