BrickHouse CEO Todd Morris Sits Down with Forbes to Discuss Voicemail Security

In the wake of ramped up coverage of phone hacking scandals, our CEO, “communications and surveillance expert” Todd Morris, sat down with Forbes‘ Marc Weber Tobias to discuss telephone voicemail security.The two men explored the ins and outs, legal repercussions and anecdotes involving this rising security threat. By the end, they offered a list of personal actions anyone can take to safeguard their voicemail:

  • Do not use default passwords;
  • Use more than a four digit PIN, and make them random. Do not use your date of birth, year of birth, or set the digits in ascending or descending order;
  • Make sure your carrier requires the use of a PIN every time you access your voicemail;
  • Have your carrier require a special password to access information about your account;
  • Demand that your carrier immediately notify you of any attempt to improperly access your account via email or SMS;
  • Ask your carrier to block multiple invalid PIN attempts on your account, which will then requires a call to customer service to reset it;
  • Delete sensitive messages once you retrieve them, and do not store them in the system any longer than necessary. Remember, there is no way to determine who has accessed your account or listened to your messages;
  • Check the settings on your system to determine if messages are being forwarded to numbers you do not recognize;
  • Use the most complicated password that is possible to set up, and change it frequently.

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