BrickHouse Hidden Camera Reveals Elder Abuse in New York City Nursing Home

nursing_home_abuseThis weekend, we were thrilled to hear that a BrickHouse Security hidden camera was used to uncover a despicable case of elder abuse in the Bronx, New York.

Diana Valentin, a BrickHouse customer, wrote in to tell us that one of our products helped her prove what she had long suspected — her grandmother was suffering abuse at the hands of her caregiver.

“Thank you for making an amazing device,” Diana wrote in an email. “It helped me prove my suspicions…”

After noticing bruises on her grandmother’s body, Diana confronted the staff of Gold Crest Center Nursing Home, who told her that 89-year-old dementia sufferer, Ana Luisa Medina, had been harming herself. Dissatisfied with that explanation, Diana placed the BrickHouse Security Black Box Micro hidden camera in a house plant at the facility and captured the evidence she needed.

Diana reviewed the video footage and found that one of the members of the staff, nurse’s aide Sandra Kerr, had been allegedly abusing her grandmother by punching her, twisting her arm and slamming her onto the bed.

Kerr was arrested and charged with three counts of willful violation of the public health law, as well as three counts of endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person. She could face one year in jail for the crimes.

Elder abuse is a problem that affects countless senior citizens across the country. That’s why more and more sons, daughters and grandchildren are turning to “granny cams” to ensure their loved ones’ safety.

As for Ana Luisa, her granddaughter transferred her to a different facility, bringing a happy ending to this hellish ordeal.

“You can see the sense of relief in her face,” Diana said of Ana Luisa when she learned of her new hospital placement. “She looked so happy.”

Watch a local news segment about the story here:

About the author  ⁄ Erik Helin

Erik is the chief Copywriter with BrickHouse Security. Hailing from the Midwest (Wisconsin), Erik moved to NYC in 2010, securing a job at BrickHouse shortly thereafter. Outside of work he writes about music, does freelance advertising work, and wastes his life on the internet. Aside from no-brainers like cheese and beer, Erik enjoys music, travel, TV, his cat, and Brooklyn.

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