Penn. Woman Uses BrickHouse Hidden Camera to Thwart Burglar Within Hours

hidden camera jewelry thief brickhouse blogEvery once in a while we get the pleasure of being contacted by a customer who used one of our products to solve a problem in their life. This year we’ve already heard harrowing stories from Whitney Matney and Diana Valentin; now it’s Amy Albertson, a Pennsylvania woman plagued by a home burglar.

Two months ago, Amy noticed that her grandmother’s wedding band had gone missing. Naturally, her first thought was that it got misplaced or knocked off the dresser.

“I was beating myself up about it because I thought that I lost it due to my own carelessness,” she said in an email.

After one of her gold necklaces went missing, Amy was worried that it wasn’t just a coincidence. She pulled out all of her jewelry and took inventory: it turned out she was missing multiple pieces including her grandmother’s wedding band and her great aunt’s diamond ring.

Amy concluded that there was theft, and decided to act upon it immediately.

“I watched the CNN videos on [] that told the stories of how [BrickHouse] products have helped catch criminals,” she said. “I was sold. My boyfriend and I purchased the covert alarm clock with a hidden camera and had it shipped for next day delivery.”

In just 10 hours, with 3 pieces of jewelry left out on her dresser, the camera pinpointed the suspect: Amy’s boyfriend Rich’s ex-wife, who came to their house once a week to pick up her children.

With the video evidence on her side, Amy was able to get a confession out of the ex-wife. While some of the irreplaceable jewelry had already been pawned and was unable to be recovered, certain pieces were returned but more importantly, justice was served.

“She is being charged with 17 counts of theft and 17 counts of receiving stolen property,” Amy said. “She stole over $6,000.00 worth of jewelry including Rich’s grandfather’s diamond ring.”

This case is a reminder that if you have a gut feeling telling you that something is wrong, getting evidence can put those fears to rest.

“Although nothing can replace the jewelry she stole, I know now I’m not crazy. [BrickHouse has] given me peace of mind,” Amy said. “They offered to give us $6,000.00 in cash if we would drop the charges but we declined. You can’t put a price on sentimental value.”

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