BrickHouse Security Moves All New GPS Tracking Devices to Verizon Network

Company vows more dependable coverage, adds new GPS tracker


Verizon GPS TrackingIn an effort to provide more reliable, robust coverage, BrickHouse Security has moved all of its new GPS tracking devices to the Verizon CDMA network. Verizon is consistently ranked as the best cullular provider in the United States.

This change will affect new devices only, however upgrades will be available to existing customers at discounted rates. Older devices currently on the T-Mobile GSM network will continue providing service for years to come.

BrickHouse instituted the network change in response to AT&T’s sunsetting of its 2G GSM network—a change that will not directly impact BrickHouse’s older customers on the T-Mobile network, but could cause service problems in more rural areas. For more information on the 2G sunset and how that affects network coverage, consult this learning article.

While GPS tracking devices rely on satellite communication to pinpoint their locations, they rely on cellular networks to report those locations to the GPS server. From there, the end user can track device location as well as speed, stop times, and more. Even outside of coverage areas, a GPS tracker will receive location information from satellites. The location will be stored and then reported when cellular coverage becomes available. By moving to the Verizon network, BrickHouse hopes to expand its coverage area and provide the most up-to-the-minute location information available.

Eon 2.0 GPS Tracker

GPS devices affected by the Verizon upgrade are the Spark Nano, the Livewire and Livewire Micro, and the TrackPort GPS tracker. In addition, BrickHouse is proud to announce the arrival of a new device to its arsenal of Verizon GPS trackers: The Eon 2.0.

The Eon 2.0 is a battery-powered, real-time asset and vehicle tracker. The device features built-in magnetic mounts for easy attachment to vehicles, machinery and more. The Eon also boasts a 100-day battery, and all the robust services available from the BrickHouse GPS tracking platform.

“We’re excited to finally offer the Eon,” said BrickHouse CEO Todd Morris. “It fills an important need in our GPS product line, and addresses the requests we’ve gotten from many of our customers, especially those in law enforcement and those looking for a professional asset tracking solution.”

While the move to Verizon’s CDMA network aims to provide the highest quality GPS service in the industry today, LTE is the future. As technology improves and batteries become more powerful, and LTE chips cheaper, all GPS devices will eventually migrate to LTE for location reporting.

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