BrickHouse Security Hidden Cameras Take Over The Today Show

Flipping through your regularly scheduled morning programming, you come to expect certain things: today’s weather, yesterday’s events, and a slew of ways to protect your family using hidden cameras. Wait… what? Recently, Digital Lifestyle Expert Mario Armstrong dropped by the Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb to present a number of surveillance solutions for parents, extreme athletes and anybody else who wishes they could be a little more like James Bond. In the segment, Armstrong walked the ladies through seven products,

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six of which are available from BrickHouse Security. In four minutes filled with praise and surprise from the hosts, Armstrong highlights:

AC Adapter Hidden Camera (a motion-activated covert recording device capable of capturing up to 16 hours of video) •iShot Alarm Clock Hidden Cam (a low-cost travel alarm clock that makes a great nanny cam) •SpyShades Hidden Cam Glasses (our ultra-covert sunglasses with a built-in hidden camera) •AngelEye Button Mini Cam (comes with interchangeable buttons to match any shirt) •WriteShot HD Hidden Pen Camera (a cool, working pen that records audio and video and snaps still photos) •MP3 Player Hidden Camera (looks and functions like a typical portable music player) •Black Box Micro (an easy-to-use device that allows you to make your own hidden camera)

What Armstrong forgot to mention, though we’re sure he wanted to, is that Christmas is right around the corner, and any of these products make a great gift for the gadget geek or budding secret agent in your family.

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BrickHouse Security is the industry's premier supplier of security and surveillance solutions. As a recognized authority in GPS tracking, hidden cameras, employee monitoring and compliance, video surveillance and counter surveillance, we help our customers use technology to get the clarity they need. We proudly serve consumers, businesses of all sizes and the law enforcement community. When you need to know, BrickHouse has the answers.

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