BrickHouse Security Introduces New Line of Loss Prevention Kits, Upgrades GPS Trackers, and More

BrickHouse Security Product Update 9-15Each month, in an attempt to keep our customers abreast of updates to BrickHouse Security’s ever-expanding product catalog, we’ll be highlighting some recent additions here, on our blog.

Exciting Updates to GPS Services

As we’ve previously discussed, BrickHouse’s GPS services have moved to the Verizon network, offering the best coverage in the United States. This change retroactively affects all of our best-selling trackers: The Spark Nano, Livewire and Livewire Micro, as well as our TrackPort OBD Tracker. Consult this learning article for more information on what this switch means to you.

In addition to improving the coverage of our legacy devices, we’ve introduced a new tracker, the Eon 2.0, an all-in-one asset tracker perfect for both business and personal applications.

The Eon is a completely self-contained unit, featuring a real-time GPS tracker, 100-day battery, and magnetic mounts all built in to a durable, weather-proof case. Ideal for slap-and-track law enforcement operations, monitoring heavy machinery and other large assets, and more, the Eon is a best-in-class tracker that rounds out our assortment.

Besides the Eon, BrickHouse has also introduced two new satellite trackers: The Sat Track GPS World Tracker and the Sat Track Micro. Both of these devices are battery operated and run completely irrespective of cellular communication. As a result, they can be used for tracking assets internationally, even in the most remote areas of the world. Professionals will appreciate the reliability of the Sat Tracks to keep an eye on everything from shipping containers to construction machinery.

Loss Prevention Kits Answer an Industry Demand

In recent years, BrickHouse has become a relied-upon source of loss prevention solutions for a number of retailers. Based on our relationships with these companies and conversations we’ve had with them, we’ve introduced a line of loss prevention kits tailor-made to meet the needs of our clients.

Loss prevention kits are a series of custom solutions curated specifically for loss prevention professionals to combat shoplifting, employee theft, and organized retail crime. Kits contain a combination of our best-selling Camscura hidden cameras, GPS trackers, alarm systems and more, all housed in durable OtterBox Cases.

Because these kits are fully contained, LP professionals can bring them to individual stores, or leave them behind at various job sites and recover footage later on.

All of our loss prevention kits include not only the devices necessary to get the job done, but all the accessories that go with them, including SD cards for hidden cameras and service plans for GPS trackers.

What’s more, if there is a kit that doesn’t include a product you need, it can be customized to your unique needs. Our dedicated account managers are willing to work with any client to build the right kit. Simply call (855) 659-1427 to speak to one of our experts.

In the coming months BrickHouse plans to introduce plenty more world-class products. Remember to bookmark our blog to read about all of our exciting updates!

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