BrickHouse Security Offers Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Gadget Lovers

product-updates-12-7Each month, in an attempt to keep our customers abreast of updates to BrickHouse Security’s ever-expanding product catalog, we’ll be highlighting some recent additions here, on our blog. This month, we’re looking at new products that would make great last-minute gifts for the gadget lover in your life.

The Best-in-Class Camscura WiFi

The most recent addition to our best-selling Camscura family of black box cameras, the Camscura WiFi, allows a user to check in on what matters most from anywhere, right from their smartphone.

This discreet, HD camera is the perfect last-minute gift for anyone with small children, or relatives that require in-home care. Because of this device’s remote-view capabilities, it works great as a discreet nanny cam, letting a user stream live video using a free, exclusive app.

And, because of the Camscura WiFi’s black box form factor, it can be built into a DIY hidden camera. Turn a tissue box, a teddy bear, or other household item into a hidden camera with ease.

Keep Track of Valuables With the Spark Nano 5.0 & The TrackPort 2.0

GPS solutions are great last-minute gifts for anyone needing to keep track of something valuable: Assets, vehicles, people, and more.

The Spark Nano 5.0 fits in a pocket, purse, or backpack, making it the ideal battery-powered GPS tracker. Perfect for parents looking to ensure that their kids make it to school safely, or for hikers wanting to share their location in the event of an accident, the Nano provides real-time location updates. With its two-week battery (based on an hour of active tracking time per day) it won’t quit when you need it most.

For vehicle tracking, there is no better solution than the TrackPort 2.0. Requiring no complicated installation, this device plugs directly into a vehicle’s OBD-II port. Once plugged in, the TrackPort provides live location updates, speed alerts, and more. Perfect for monitoring a teen driver, the TrackPort requires no batteries: If the vehicle is on, you’re tracking.

All of BrickHouse’s GPS devices work on the Verizon network, the most reliable in the US. And, with our new, exclusive app, all tracking can be done easily from a smartphone.

WiFi Hidden Cameras By SleuthGear Provide Covert Monitoring

With more than a dozen form factors, SleuthGear offers the most unique selection of covert WiFi recorders on the market.

Perfect for someone looking to covertly monitor their home or office, these hidden cameras let a user stream video directly from their phone or computer from anywhere with an internet connection. Choose from indoor and outdoor models, and create an entire covert security camera network. SleuthGear’s app allows for up to 16 cameras on one network.

With form factors ranging from a bird feeder to a mantel clock to an air freshener and much more, there is a covert camera that can fit into any decor.

All orders over $50 placed before Monday, Dec. 12 will also include a free key chain breathalyzer, so act fast!

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