BrickHouse Security to Emphasize WiFi in New Hidden Cameras

WiFi Hidden CamerasEach month, in an attempt to keep our customers abreast of updates to BrickHouse Security’s ever-expanding product catalog, we’ll be highlighting some recent additions here, on our blog.

A Shift to WiFi

Since our inception, BrickHouse Security has specialized in hidden cameras. We’ve seen hundreds of camera form factors over the years, from teddy bears and thermostats to books and bottled water. But until recently, the majority of our cameras recorded locally to SD cards.

With the ever-increasing presence of smartphones and tablets, customers expect to get their video on the go. So, in an effort to meet that demand, the majority of the hidden cameras that have been added to our site in the past year have been WiFi enabled.

Network-connected cameras allow customers to check in on their homes and businesses remotely, from the convenience of their mobile devices. The cameras still come in unique, covert housings perfect for use as nanny cams and office surveillance devices, only now the footage is live streamed; they also typically feature local storage options.

LawMate Wireless Cameras Are Leading the Way

Among the new class of WiFi cameras we’ve brought in, the devices from LawMate have garnered the most praise from both our product team and customers.

Designed to meet the needs of law enforcement, the LawMate line is built with the professional in mind. All LawMate cameras feature adjustable resolutions maxing out at full 1080p HD; and, all video is streamed easily using the free intuitive LawMate app (the devices also feature onboard backup storage to microSD).

What sets LawMate apart, however, is their range of products. From a covert AC adapter camera, to a nondescript alarm clock, to a 2 ounce key chain camera, their line of wireless recorders is extremely versatile; perfect for use as a nanny cam, home and office surveillance, or on-the-go recording for law enforcement and loss prevention professionals.

The Newest Addition to the Camscura Family

Over the years, our array of hidden cameras has evolved; and in no place has that evolution been more noticeable than our Camscura family of cameras. What began as a simple black box recorder, the Camscura Micro, has now expanded to include the Camscuras Pro, Tilt, and Lux. Now, BrickHouse is proud to introduce its newest member: The Camscura WiFi.

Featuring a crystal clear 1280 x 720 resolution and an impressive 160-degree field of view, the Camscura WiFi is able to capture the entirety of a room. And, with its nondescript black box design, the device can be hidden in plain sight or built into common household objects for versatile covert recording. Of course, because this camera connects to your WiFi network, all footage can be streamed on the go directly from a mobile device.

As we continue to add hidden cameras to our catalog, we’ll strive to emphasis on wireless network cameras. The ability to remotely check in on your family, business, and valuables no matter where you are is the ultimate security we can offer.

About the author  ⁄ Erik Helin

Erik is BrickHouse Security's copy chief. Hailing from the Midwest (Wisconsin), Erik moved to NYC in 2010, securing a job at BrickHouse shortly thereafter. Outside of work he writes about music, does freelance advertising work, and wastes his life on the internet. Aside from no-brainers like cheese and beer, Erik enjoys music, travel, TV, his cat, and Brooklyn.