BrickHouse Security’s ‘GPS Jesus’ Program Enters Its Tenth Year

The industry leader is proud to announce its 10th year providing free GPS trackers to participating churches and communities across North America this December.

GPS Jesus 2016Since 2006, BrickHouse Security, an industry leader in security and surveillance solutions, has offered free GPS trackers to churches and nonprofits to monitor their nativity scenes. Now, after a decade of results, the company is looking to expand the program to more affected areas.

For the month of December, BrickHouse will be offering small, battery-powered GPS devices that can be placed in whatever figures a church or nonprofit is looking to protect. Institutions will also receive online access to check on the tracker’s real-time location from a mobile device or computer. These motion-activated trackers will send an alert via text or email if a Baby Jesus, menorah, or other holiday figure is tampered with.

All trackers, a month of monitoring, as well as shipping, are included in the offer.

The so-called “GPS Jesus” program began almost immediately upon BrickHouse Security’s founding more than a decade ago. Since its inception, the program has helped hundreds of churches and nonprofits from dozens of states stop theft and vandalism over the holiday season.

“The GPS Jesus program is a blessing,” says Jay Miller, operations supervisor for the Village of Wellington, Fla.

In areas where the trackers have been deployed, and the story has been covered by local media, thefts have been nearly eliminated. It appears that knowledge of the trackers serves as enough of a deterrent to keep criminals away.

Even though the program hasn’t been widely publicized for the past two years, many institutions have continued to contact BrickHouse in order to participate. As a result of this continued interest, BrickHouse has expanded the program with hopes of reaching new institutions in more parts of the country.

“The holidays are a notoriously stressful time of year,” says BrickHouse Security CEO Todd Morris. “If we can take away one point of worry for people who give so much back to their communities, I consider that a win.”

The GPS Jesus program has been featured on Good Morning America, ABC’s 20/20, Fox News, and in other leading publications.

How to Participate

Organizations interested in participating in this program should visit:, where they can read more about the Spark Nano GPS Tracker, and the program itself. Those selected to join will receive a free tracking device to use throughout the holiday season.

(Image by Jim Capaldi, licensed under Creative Commons)

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