BrickHouse Security Welcomes Securus GPS Tracking Customers

gps-tracking-securusFollowing the acquisition of Securus, Inc.’s GPS tracking business, BrickHouse Security will be transitioning all Securus customers to its world-class GPS platform beginning March 16.

Included in the acquisition are the popular Securus brands eZoom and Zoombak GPS trackers. Customers who have recently purchased but have not yet activated their devices will be given the option to activate their devices directly through BrickHouse. In addition, BrickHouse will be honoring all Securus customers’ current pricing, billing schedule and payment terms.

BrickHouse has launched a microsite to facilitate the transition, featuring a number of reference documents, videos, and FAQs specifically designed for Securus customers.

“This agreement is an example of industry consolidation that we expect to continue as smaller players seek a partner at scale,” said BrickHouse Security CEO Todd Morris. “Securus and Zoombak built a robust customer base and a loyal following of GPS subscribers. With this single acquisition we are rolling up the efforts of the three most successful personal and asset tracking businesses under one brand on a single, unified platform.”

Securus’ business and government clients will be transferred to BrickHouse’s robust enterprise GPS tracking platform, which is specifically optimized for large-scale operations.

BrickHouse Security plans to support a select number of Securus and Zoombak’s retail distribution channels, such as Amazon, Costco, Car Toys and Pep Boys. Select retailers will also have the opportunity to offer BrickHouse’s wide selection of safety and security products to their customers.

“BrickHouse Security has a 10-year track record as one of the most reputable GPS providers in our industry,” added Securus CEO Tom Collopy. “We know our customers are in good hands and will continue to receive the high level of service they’ve come to expect.”

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  • vmikid

    This is the most incompetent company I have ever had the experienced in the last 30 years. As a Securus customer their customer service wasn’t great however they managed to stay on line where this outfit has been down for the last 5 or 6 days. Now think about this if you bought into this junk company and were tracking your child or car and someone taken them and you couldn’t track them the only thing you could do is take this piece of kaka company to civil court and sue until you own them. Here’s some free advice from a old pro 1) notify your customers that they will be out of service. 2) test your updates on a testing platform first before you mess with the production systems. 3) Have Quality arm of IT review the changes, test on a testing platform and have all involve sign off. 4) Involve your business arm that you will be screwing with their customers. 5) Have a project plan, requirements, quality plan, etc before you let the engineers start their stuff and if you don’t have such plans then fire them and get someone with PMP certifications.

    • Erik Helin

      Hello. We apologize for the service issues you’ve experienced, and we’re working to rectify the situation. For a little background on the Securus transition (and some of the problems we’ve had with it) please read this letter from our CEO: If you’d like further assistance with your device, give us a call at (800) 654-7966 (but be advised that wait times have been long recently on account of increased volume) or send us an email to with your name and/or phone number and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Again, we’re sorry for the inconvenience, and we’re working on it.