Surveillance Camera Catches Aid Stealing from Disabled Woman's Purse

article-1243989-07e3d4e3000005dc-92_634x286Lorrain Andrews, a severely disabled women in Bristol, England, knew something was awry when money from her purse kept going missing. Because Lorraine can’t even get out of her bed without help, she knew that she would need help to catch the thief in the act. As a result, she set up a surveillance camera inside her home.

The camera ended up recording her aid, Jane Hoy, stealing from her purse and rugsack a total of 8 times in just a period of a little over two weeks. Lorrain suspects that during the past year or so, over 2000 pounds have already been stolen from her.

Mrs. Andrews was not only shocked when she discovered the footage, but she was also deeply hurt.

“‘At first I didn’t want to believe it. It was awful to come to the realization that someone in such a position of high trust should betray that trust and steal from me, a disabled, vulnerable woman dependent on others to meet my most basic needs.

When I caught you on camera, I was devastated. How could you? Have you been doing this to other people too? I am so angry.

What gives you the right to think that vulnerable people already dealt hard blows in life deserve even more hard blows from you? When I saw you on camera using one of my sweaters to wipe your fingerprints from the surface of my purse I realized just how callous you are.

I was reduced to tears, hurt, upset and amazed at how two-faced you are.

I can’t believe how on the surface you were so nice to me, to the point that I felt really bad about reporting you, yet your actions show you are nothing more than a cruel and selfish individual.”

Hoy was promptly arrested but she initially denied the allegations, until she was finally shown the surveillance video that had been handed over to the police. At the moment, she has been granted conditional bail until she is sentenced at Bristol Crown Court on February 5.

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