Broken Trust: When Is The Right Time For A Nanny Cam?

When Lindsay Addison watched the footage of her nanny camera, she was shocked at what she saw. Her 7-month-old twin boys, in the charge of a nanny with glowing references, were being handled like rag dolls and ignored.

At one point, the hidden camera reveals as the nanny leaves one of the boys between the couch cushions as she watches TV.

“I’m screaming there at my desk, ‘pick him up, pick him up,’ and she proceeds to look at him and continue on doing whatever she was doing,” Addison said.

Right after watching the video, Addison went home from work and fired the nanny on the spot.

“I probably never would have suspected, never would have known, and she would still be here had I not had the hidden camera. And it scares me to think what could have happened to my children,” she said.

Unfortunately, incidences like this happen time and again. We get a nanny with references that professes love for children and then a nanny camera reveals abuse. How can one ever know if someone is trustworthy?

When it comes to children, there is never a step too far to ensure their safety. Many people are out to scam you at any cost. Most of us want to believe that people will not extend this ruthlessness to children. However, we are learning that in many cases this is simply not true.

Installing a hidden camera does not mean that you do not trust your nanny. It means that you want to make sure your children are safe. A hidden camera does not need to be secretive. If you are uncomfortable spying in your nanny, let them know there is a nanny camera. This may prevent neglect if the nanny knows that you are on the other end watching.

Remember, child safety is the most important thing. Having trust in people is great, but can be dangerous when children are involved. It will be far more comforting in the long run to be a little suspicious now then wishing you hadn’t played the fool later.nannycam

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  • Ishen

    Do you know what kind of system that might be? She was watching from her computer, it sounds like.

  • Ishen

    Do you know what kind of system that might be? She was watching from her computer, it sounds like.