Sometimes it Pays to Carry a Bulky Wallet

Unless you’re George Costanza, odds are you don’t like carrying your whole life in your wallet. It’s bulky, inconvenient, and makes it easier for muggers and pickpockets to target you. There are times, however, when carrying that padded wallet can work to your advantage—if it’s used to stop a knife, for example.

The victim in this case, a bouncer at a pub in Germany, was working his regular night shift at the door when a patron needed to be kicked out. After a violent scuffle, the patron pulled a knife and stabbed the bouncer four times in the chest.

Luckily for the victim, his bulky wallet came to the rescue and acted as a shield against the knife. Containing about 20 plastic cards and other possessions, the wallet-shield combo protected the man completely, leaving not a single scratch.

Why the wallet was in the bouncer’s breast pocket is a fortuitous mystery, and while it proved successful this time, he may want to consider stab-proof full body armor just like Phoenix Jones, on the off-chance the assailant returns.

(Via CBS News) / (Image by Smays, licensed under Creative Commons)

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