Underwear Stealing Cat Burglar Identified


After socks, gloves, ladies underwear, and pretty much anything left unattended on a clothes line was being stolen, the southern English town police started to get worried. As the offenses increased, they found themselves no closer to a solution in the case of this clothing thief.

Then one day, the police got a call from Peter and Birgitt Weismantel saying that they knew who the thief was, and that he is staying in their home at the moment. However, instead of finding a person with a penchant for stealing clothes, the thief turned out to be a well-meaning cat that was trying to show his generosity to his new owners.

13-year-old Oscar is a cat that the couple has been fostering from Southampton’s Cats Protection charity since Christmas. To show his appreciation to his new family, Oscar had been bringing back presents to the family home in Portswood, a suburb of the southern coastal town of Southampton.

“He started bringing socks home a few months ago and then gardening gloves which we tracked to our neighbor… Then we had a situation in which he brought back young women’s underwear… It began to escalate and I telephoned the police as people must have been missing clothes — especially with women’s underwear being taken.

He brings them back as presents,” Birgitt said. “We can’t give him back now as he makes such an effort with all these gifts. He’s got a lovely personality and is a very loving cat.
I think we fell in love with him before he started taking all these things,” she added. “It was just so touching to see him come home every day with something for us.”

The couple will now adopt Oscar full time, but they still have to figure out a way to curb his criminal instincts as he now commits 10 robberies a day on average. At the very least, the victims can now relax knowing that it was just a well-meaning cat stealing their clothes instead of someone like Ian Stafford who got arrested for stealing and performing lewd sexual acts with women’s underwear.

(Via Reuters)

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