Burglar Caught in the Act by Motion-Activated Internet Camera

Levent Cetiner was busy at work when he got an e-mail alert with a photo of some random guy — some random guy who was now in Cetiner’s apartment digging through his possessions looking for the most expensive things to steal.

The photo came via the Internet Protocol (IP) camera that Cetiner had set up in his apartment, which sends an e-mail alert whenever motion is detected in the room. The live footage showed 30-year-old José Perez-Quinonez climbing in through the window of the 4th floor apartment in New York City’s Gramercy Park neighborhood.

Cetiner quickly called the police and rushed home. The brazen crook was still inside, busily searching for valuables. Cetiner arrived on the scene a few minutes before the police, but Perez-Quinonez had locked the door from the inside, preventing Cetiner from getting in and giving the perp enough time to escape through the window.

However, luckily for Cetiner, the thief left the loot behind and tried to bolt before the police caught up with him. The escape attempt was unsuccessful. Perez-Quinonez found himself stuck in a courtyard between two buildings with nowhere to go except directly into a pair of waiting handcuffs.

Cetiner, a 30-year-old Internet Technology professional at the school of Visual Arts in Manhattan, said that he bought the camera “just in case.”

Now he’s very happy with his purchase.

“I live on the top floor and thought it would be easy for someone to come in off the fire escape,” he said. “ I hoped I wouldn’t actually have to use [the camera] but I thought it was a good idea to have. Plus, I work in IT, and I thought it would be a cool thing to play with.”

We think the lesson is pretty simple here: Use whatever you have — including readily available technology — to protect yourself against break-ins. Otherwise, you might just come home from work one night to a ransacked apartment.

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(Via NY Post)

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