Bust a Presidential Candidate of Your Own

Mitt Romney finds himself playing defense again this week, courtesy of a hidden camera clip that wound up in the hands of progressive magazine Mother Jones. The GOP presidential candidate was caught on camera railing against the 47 percent of Americans who “pay no income tax.”

The source of the leaked video from a May Romney fundraiser for big-bucks donors has been protected by the staff at Mother Jones, so we weren’t able to ascertain the exact hidden camera used to record the footage. But, if we were to catch a politician at a closed-off donor dinner, we would use one of these five covert devices — and you can too:

1. Tie Hidden Camera – Recording audio and video right from your necktie, this hidden camera gets you the footage you need while also not looking out of place at a $50,000-a-plate fundraising dinner.

2. WriteShot HD Hidden Camera Pen – Take notes on vital political talking points while you’re capturing high definition footage with this hidden camera pen.

3. AngelEye Button Mini Cam & DVR – Attached to the button of your shirt or coat, this tiny camera records right onto the included portable DVR, so you can watch all the gaffes in the car ride on the way home.

4. HD Waterproof Spy Watch – In true secret agent fashion, this wristwatch will keep close watch of any incriminating, inevitable missteps in a target politician’s speech.

5. HD Key Chain Video Recorder – Record in secret without alerting Secret Service with this powerful, portable HD key chain camera.

(Image: Mother Jones)

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