Busted by Hidden Cameras

Every week, countless media sources report on hidden cameras helping to bring people to justice. Here are some of the top stories from this week: Nanny Caught Stealing on Hidden Camera Nanny cameras, a specific type of ultra-covert hidden camera, are usually placed in homes to deter in-home help from child abuse and theft. In the case of Jeanne Quigley, the camera served its rightful purpose, capturing the badly behaved babysitter rifling through her employers’ belongings, even going so far as to pilfer a wedding ring. Thanks to the camera, Jeff Osterman and wife Susan Matula have found out what was really happening when the nanny was home alone. Quigley was fired and arrested, and is now awaiting trial. Since this wasn’t her first offense of this kind, the New York nanny will be facing serious charges. (More information: CBS Local & Video) Texas Babysitter Seen on Video Abusing Triplets Speaking of nanny cams and people with questionable morals, 66-year-old Texas babysitter Carolyn Easton was caught on hidden camera physically abusing 5-month-old triplets. When the parents became suspicious of her behavior, they installed a smoke detector hidden camera. In the 13 minutes of recorded footage, Easton was seen pulling, jerking, and slapping the children. At one point she was caught walking around the house holding one of the children by the arm as the child dangled in mid air. Luckily for the triplets, they didn’t suffer any permanent injuries and have recovered completely. As for Easton, she was convicted of three counts of felony injury to a child and has been sentenced to four years behind bars, out of which she has now spent one while awaiting the final verdict. (More information: My Fox Detroit & My Fox DFW) Group Home Caretaker Captured on Camera, Pleads Guilty to Beating Autistic Man Taylor Hartley, a 22-year-old autistic man was placed into an Allen, Texas group home by his mother, where she hoped her son would get the attention and care he needed. She soon started suspecting abuse as Taylor started getting mysterious bruises, burn marks, and was even discovered by his dentist to have an untreated broken jaw . Taylor’s mother, http://viagra24pharmacy-canada.com/sinequan-reviews.html Karen Hartley, reported her suspicions to police on multiple occasions with photos of the injuries, avalide but all investigations come back as inconclusive. It wasn’t until Hartley took matters into her own hands by setting up a 40 mg of cialis hidden camera in Taylor’s room. The camera captured 41-year-old Michael Reginald Fuller striking Taylor in the face and body with his hands and a plastic toy rifle. With all does cialis make you bigger the evidence she needed in hand, Hartley went to police and had Fuller arrested on charges of felony injury to a disabled person. Fuller pleaded guilty to the crime and is now awaiting trial. (More information: SCNTX) Nanny Cam Captures Elder Abuse at PA Assisted Living Facility A 78-year-old woman with dementia living at the Quadrangle Assisted Living Facility in suburban Philadelphia had been repeatedly mocked and assaulted by the staff hired to take care of her. The woman had asked her family for help, who then took photos of her bruises and reported them to management. The abuse claims, however, were dismissed based on the woman’s dementia. The woman’s daughter and son-in-law, Mary and Paul French, set up a hidden camera clock in the room to record what was really happening. The footage showed three aides mocking and hitting http://viagra24onlinepharmacy.com/ the woman silagra brand med in the face and head, shoving her in her bed, “shadow boxing” with her, and preventing the woman from leaving the room pharmacy-24hour-canadian.com when she tried to escape the abuse. With the horrific evidence on tape, the French family brought the footage to the police and had the three aides, Samirah Traynham, 22, Tyrina Griffin, 21, and Ayesha Muhammad, 19, arrested and charged with aggravated assault, neglect of a care-dependent person, and related charges for the alleged verbal and physical assault. (More information: Seattle Times)

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  • Toni

    Ms. Hartley, the mom of autistic man being abused on tape, illuminates a pervasive problem in getting good help for severely autistic adults both in home and in group homes. She gives us a hint how families fight and fight and fight for better care and the state agencies charged with duty to help, run, run and run away from reality of helping autistic adults, though they get billions in federal funds to help.

    Reform is badly needed now. State agencies must learn to recruit and train quality nurses and caregivers who can handle this type of autistic population or we will continue to see horrific abuse of autistic adults. State funding systems re-imburse caregiver and nursing agencies at the Medi-cal rate, which is lower than other rates, so all the state vendors that are SUPPLYING caregivers and nurses to group homes and home health cases, are recruiting from a pool of caregivers that are sometimes the bottom of the barrel caregivers. Video surveillance should be mandatory in all state licensed facilities where there are non verbal disabled people who can’t defend themselves.

  • Dr. Drew Fan