Busted: Contortionist Thief Hid in Airport Luggage

When traveling through an airport, you sometimes see baggage handlers throwing around luggage as if they’re actively trying to destroy all the stuff inside. But are they really? Or are they just taking an extra step to prevent the theft of your possessions? Apparently in Spain, the harder they throw your luggage, the safer it might be from theft; reason being – there might be a thief hiding in that luggage, waiting to steal other people’s goods.

One of these flexible luggage thieves struck the city of Girona, south of Barcelona, Spain. The man, who was described by police as tall and very skinny, curled himself into a large suitcase and was placed aboard a transportation bus by an accomplice. During the 60-mile bus ride from the airport, the contortionist thief would sneak out and pick the locks on luggage, stealing valuables such as laptops, cell phones, and GPS devices. Nearing the end of his trip, the thief would place the stolen goods into a separate bag and sneak back into his suitcase, waiting to get picked up by his accomplice.

Apparently, the duo were successful multiple times, and it was only after multiple people reported missing items that an investigation was carried out and both thieves were caught. So remember, the next time you see the baggage handlers carelessly throwing around your luggage, they might just be doing you a favor by seeking out, or knocking out thieves.

(Via CBS News) / (Image by Jose and Roxanne licensed under Creative Commons)

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