Busted: How Not to Rob a Liquor Store

We’re not sure whether it’s the snow, the cold, or just the fact that criminals are getting too lazy to plan their heists nowadays, but more and more of them are getting caught for the most careless mistakes. And the latest criminal bust involves a group of teens who were not only were haphazard with their crime, but also left a direct trail to themselves for police to follow.

The robbery went down when a group of four teens, ages 15 to 17, disguised themselves in masks and entered a liquor store. They then held up the clerk with pepper spray and blunt objects. They managed to grab about a dozen liquor bottles and then fled the scene on foot.

One thing they didn’t take into consideration when planning their robbery, however, was the fact that it was snowing out. And when deciding to walk through freshly fallen snow, they should have thought about the footprints they were leaving; the exact footprints the police followed from the liquor store directly to where the teens were hiding out after their robbery.

Needless to say, locating the four teen robbers was a simple task for the police, who arrested them on the spot. The teens are  now awaiting trial and might be facing some jail time. Maybe next time they will wait for the snow to melt or rob a store with a shoveled sidewalk instead.

(Via National Post)  / (Image by Andrei!, licensed under Creative Commons)

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