Your Camera Placement Guide to Catching a Hooded Hood

With the advent of security cameras for business use, criminals have been looking for new ways to go undetected. Most, if not all, businesses install surveillance gear as high as possible to get a better panorama of their stores, and keep the cameras out of vandals’ reach. Ever crafty, however, criminals have found a fine way to skirt the surveillance: simply wearing hats and hooded sweatshirts.

Getting wider views and avoiding camera theft has caused business owners to install surveillance equipment on ceilings, which makes it very easy for criminals to keep their identities hidden by simply covering the tops of their heads.

So what’s a business owner to do if they really want to put their security cameras to good use?

The first approach is to use vandal-proof dome cameras at eye level, which will be noticed by the criminals, but won’t be moved or interfered with. Since the actual camera is protected by a security dome, this will capture a criminal’s identity if they look at the camera and will serve as a deterrent for criminal activity in the area.

The second and third approaches are a bit sneakier, but much more effective; the reason being is that the cameras are still placed at eye level for a great shot of the thief’s face, but this time the thief won’t even know that the cameras are there at all. The first approach of the two is to use a hidden camera, which can be built into something as innocent as a utility box, a thermostat or a clock and will record the thief as he passes by. The second approach is to install a tiny micro camera in plain sight. The great thing about these concealable camera is that they are so small (usually around an inch in diameter) that they can be installed completely in the open, and will most likely go unseen.

All three of these approaches can work to capture the identity of a thief. Our recommendation, however, is the use of hidden or micro cameras, because thieves won’t even know to hide their faces. They’ll have a false sense of security about who’s watching them, making it easier to catch them in the act.

(Via SuperCircuits) / (Image by Jermaine Justice, licensed under Creative Commons)

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